OXVA Xlim Pro Pod Kit

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The latest innovation in the esteemed XLIM series, engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Designed to meet the needs of professionals, this device combines power, reliability, and style.


Powered by a built-in 1000mAh battery, the XLIM Pro Kit guarantees a long-lasting vaping experience. Enjoy extended sessions without the need for frequent recharges, allowing you to focus on your vaping pleasure.


With a powerful 30W output, this device produces dense clouds and rich flavours, catering to the preferences of every vaper. Whether you prefer a smooth MTL (Mouth To Lung) draw or a satisfying DTL (Direct To Lung) inhale, the XLIM Pro Kit ensures an excellent vaping experience tailored to your style.


The XLIM Pro Kit stands out with its innovative leak-proof top-fill cartridge. The upgraded Anti-leak Top-fill and V2 cartridge are fully compatible with any XLIM series device (*excluding XLIM C), offering hassle-free refills and eliminating any worries about leakage issues. Enjoy a clean and convenient vaping experience with every use.


Fast charging capability is another impressive feature of the XLIM Pro Kit. Say goodbye to long charging times and enjoy quick and efficient recharging. With fast charging, you can continue your vaping sessions without interruption, ensuring a seamless experience.


To enhance your vaping pleasure, the XLIM Pro Kit incorporates new RGB lights that add a stylish and personalized touch to the device. These captivating lights create stunning visual effects, igniting your passion for vaping and allowing you to showcase your unique style.


The OXVA XLIM Pro Kit is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking exceptional performance, durability, and style. Embrace the power, reliability, and customization options offered by this remarkable device.



  • OXVA XLIM Pro Kit
  • Built-In 1000mAh Battery
  • Powerful 30W Output
  • Leak-Proof Top-Fill Cartridge
  • Fast Charging Capability
  • Innovative RGB Lights for Personalization


Choose the OXVA XLIM Pro Kit to experience exceptional performance, durability, and style in one extraordinary device. Elevate your vaping experience to new heights and indulge in dense clouds, rich flavours, and captivating visual effects.

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OXVA Xlim Pro Pod Kit

£24.99 £28.00 10% Off