Riot Squad

Riot Squad BAR EDTN Nic Salts


Riot Squad BAR EDTN Nic Salts       £4 each or 3 for £10


Apple & Blackcurrant: The crisp sweetness of apple finds a perfect companion in the tangy blackcurrants, creating an absolute bliss for your taste buds.


Blue Cherry Burst: An unforgettable taste sensation awaits as we blend the perfect amount of sweet cherries, delivering a burst of blue cherry goodness.


Banana Kiwi Ice: Experience a smooth blend of ripe bananas, a zesty tang of kiwi, all chilled with ice on the exhale. Bold sweet and tart notes from the banana and kiwi are harmoniously rounded off with a layer of ice.


Lychee Watermelon: Indulge in the burst of sweet lychee and juicy watermelon, promising to become your new all-day vape. Don't miss out on this delightful



Pineapple Ice: Savor the refreshing blend of fresh pineapple with an ice-cool exhale, providing a crisp and invigorating vaping experience.

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Riot Squad BAR EDTN Nic Salts