Nicohit Short Fills 100mls

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Nicohit 100ml

£9 each or 2 for £15


The Nicohit 100ml 70VG range provides you a bigger volume to enjoy. Each bottle is available for £12, or grab our special offer of 2 bottles for just £20. Explore our wide array of delicious flavours:



Blueberry Raspberry: A perfectly balanced blend of blueberries and raspberries.


Fruit Burst: Combines currants, berries, and citric fruits to create a strong burst of fruity goodness.


Mango Berry: A fusion of wild berries and succulently ripe mangos for a tropical sensation.


Raspberry Strawberry: A deliciously sweet raspberry combined with ripe strawberries for a satisfying all-day vape.


Tangy Fruits: Taste the excitement of mixed fruity sweets with every puff.



Black Grape: Enjoy the sweet flavour of grape soda with a cool, icy finish.


Blue Slush: Relive the frozen raspberry flavoured drink experience in a vape.


Cherry: A blend of blackcurrant, red berries, sweet cherry with undertones of aniseed and menthol for an icy kick.


Grape Currency: Experience the chilled blast of purple grape and currants in this icy blend.


H-Blue: This secret recipe is packed full of flavour, with aniseed, blackberry, and blueberry being just a few to mention.


Mango: Indulge in the deliciously juicy mango flavour intensified by an icy blast.



Strawberry Cheesecake: This mix of fresh strawberries, cream and biscuit creates a rich and satisfying cheesecake vape experience.


Toffeenilla Ice Cream: Enjoy the blend of Parisian vanilla bean, sweet caramelised toffee, with a rich whip ice cream.


Toffee Caramel Donut: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this sticky sweet caramel and toffee donut flavour.


Toffee Caramel Vanilla: A sweet toffee caramel flavour with a hint of vanilla for an exquisite taste.



Bubblegum: Bring back childhood memories with this sweet bubblegum flavour.


Citrus Chew: Experience a flavour monsoon with this sweet and sour citrus fruits mix.


Grape Bubblegum: Enjoy the banging bubblegum combined with a rich grape flavour.


Sherbet Lemons: Revel in the fizzy sherbet and sweet lemon flavour for a tingling citrus experience.


Watermelon Sweet: Savour the taste of a juicy, succulent watermelon sweet in each puff.

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Nicohit Short Fills 100mls

£8.99 £12.00 25% Off