Nicohit 10ml


Nicohit 10ml 50VG/50PG

£3 each, 4 for £10, or 10 for just £20

Apple Berry Burst: A refreshing medley of juicy Granny Smith apples mixed with summer and wild berries.

Berry Anise: A sweet blend of fruits with a hint of spicy berries, finished off with a refreshing cool hit.

Black Aniseed: This captures the classic taste of aniseed chews that we all know and love.

Blackcurrant: A mouth-wateringly sweet and rich blackcurrant flavour to satisfy your cravings.

Blackcurrant Menthol: A strong blackcurrant flavour with a fresh, cooling hit for the perfect balance.

Blackcurrant & Raspberry: The perfect blend of blackcurrant and raspberry, giving you the taste of your favourite summer drink.

Blue Slush: An icy berry mix combined with currants for a refreshing kick.

Blueberry: Taste the wild, sweet, and fruity blueberry in every vape.

Blueberry & Raspberry: A fruity combo of berries that's sweet and absolutely delicious.


Double Menthol: Get a double hit of our classic menthol – only for the serious menthol fans!

Fruit Burst: A perfect blend of currants, berries, and citrus fruits for a burst of fruity sensations.

Fruit Salad: Enjoy the classic, sweet delight of a pineapple and raspberry chew in vape form.

Grape Ice: A tantalizingly sweet black grape flavour with an incredibly cool icy finish.

Lemon Sherbet: Taste the fizziness of sherbet flavour combined with zesty lemon.

Mango: Experience the juicy exotic flavour of ripe mangoes.

Menthol: A classic refreshingly cold menthol flavour to soothe your senses.

Pink Lemonade: A zesty lemonade flavour fused with delicious red fruits.

Real Cig: Get as close as possible to the real tobacco taste with this e-liquid.

Strawberry: A deliciously fruity strawberry flavour for all berry lovers.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice: A mix of sweet watermelon and strawberries with a refreshing cool hit.

Supermint: A blend of different mints creates a fresh and satisfyingly cool vape.

UK Tobacco: Experience a true tobacco taste, just like us Brits like it.

Watermelon: A burst of juicy watermelon flavour to satisfy your cravings.

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Nicohit 10ml