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Mystery Box (10 x 50ml Shortfills)


Mystery Box


An exhilarating experience packed with 10 carefully curated 50ml bottles of e-liquid and 10 nicotine shots. Unveil a world of flavor, excitement, and endless possibilities with each box, delivering an unrivaled vape adventure right to your doorstep.

With our Mystery Box, you'll embark on a journey through a diverse range of delectable e-liquid flavours from the Nicohit, Just Juice and Uncles range of juice, from refreshing fruit blends to indulgent dessert creations and tantalizing sweet profiles, this collection guarantees something to satisfy every palate.

Each 50ml bottle is meticulously crafted to deliver a smooth, flavourful vape with every puff. Immerse yourself in clouds of vapor infused with the perfect balance of taste and satisfaction. With an array of nicotine strengths available, you can customize your vaping experience to suit your preferences and gradually reduce nicotine dependence.

What makes our Mystery Box truly extraordinary is the inclusion of 10 nicotine shots. These handy additions provide the flexibility to adjust the nicotine content of your e-liquids, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience precisely to your desired level. Explore new combinations, experiment with your favorite flavors, and discover your ultimate vape formula.

Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a fellow vape enthusiast, this box makes for an ideal gift. Embrace the element of surprise and indulge in the thrill of discovering new flavors and expanding your vaping repertoire.

Order your Mystery Box today and elevate your vaping experience to new heights. Unlock a treasure trove of e-liquid delights, perfectly paired with nicotine shots, and let the adventure begin. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary world of flavor, with every box promising a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Unleash your senses and redefine your vaping journey with our captivating Mystery Box.

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Mystery Box (10 x 50ml Shortfills)