GeekVape Z Coils (5pack)


Geekvape Z-Coils


Designed for the Geekvape Z Sub Ohm Tank, Z Sub-Ohm 2021 Tank, and Z Sub-Ohm SE Tank, also known as the Geekvape Zeus Tank, these coils are your key to unlocking incredible vaping experiences. 


Choose from a selection of four different resistances, each with its unique power range, and enjoy hassle-free coil replacements with the convenient push-fit design. Say goodbye to the days of threading coils into your tank's base! 


Geekvape Z-Coils are not just for one tank - they're compatible with a range of kits, including the Geekvape Aegis Solo 2 S100, Geekvape L200 Aegis Legend 2 Kits, and the Obelisk 120 FC Kit. 


But, here's the important detail: these coils are NOT suitable for the Geekvape Z Max Tank (which uses M-Series coils) or the Z Nano 2 Tanks (compatible with B Series coils). Make sure you're using the right coils for your setup. 


Sold in packs of 5, these Geekvape Z-Coils are your ticket to sublime sub-ohm, DTL vaping, with different power ranges to cater to your preferences. These coil options are crafted from KA1 Kanthal material.


Get ready to experience flavour and clouds like never before with Geekvape Z-Coils. Upgrade your vaping game and explore the full potential of your Geekvape Zeus Tank today! 🚀

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GeekVape Z Coils (5pack)