Understanding Your Disposable Vape: When is it Time to Switch?
July 14, 2023

Understanding Your Disposable Vape: When is it Time to Switch?

Have you recently invested in a disposable vape kit either from a local store or perhaps online at Vape Saloon? As the most prevalent type of vape kit, these devices boast a variety of flavours, typically carry 2ml of 20mg nicotine strength, and are known for their easy draw-to-vape functionality. This simplicity makes them an excellent choice for those planning to transition from traditional smoking.

These disposable vapes are filled with 50/50 e-liquids, striking a balance between high VG e-liquid (vegetable glycerine) and high PG nicotine e-liquid. Their convenience and portability make them a favourite choice among vapers. They provide a reliable nicotine hit without the need to carry around a spare 10ml bottle. After a while, many users tend to progress to pod kits and starter vape kits, opting for Nicohit e-liquids or other variants of 10ml e-liquids.

Designed in adherence to TPD regulations, disposables cannot exceed 2% or 2ml of pre-filled nic salt liquid. They come with a fitted internal battery which ideally lasts as long as the e-liquid inside. This feature is designed to minimise wastage; no liquid left when the battery dies and no battery charge remaining when the liquid runs out.

However, this perfect balance can be thrown off by external factors such as exposure to extreme heat or cold which can drain the battery faster. Leaving your device in direct sunlight can also cause damage. Moreover, your vaping style can affect the expected puff count (generally around 600 puffs), with frequent puffs or longer and deeper inhalations reducing the count.

So, how do you tell if your disposable vape is done?

LED Indicator Most disposables, including popular brands like, the Lost Mary disposable range, and Crystal Bar disposable, feature an LED light that illuminates when you draw on the kit. If this doesn't happen or the LED flashes multiple times while vaping, it's a sign that your device is either out of vape liquid or battery life.

Burnt Taste / Dry Hit A burnt hit implies that the liquid chamber has emptied before the battery. This situation results in an unpleasant hit caused by inhaling burnt-wicking material. A burning smell is a tell-tale sign of this issue.

Reduced Vapour/ Flavour This indicates that the wicking material inside your disposable is drying up due to insufficient e-liquid. If the flavour seems duller or less sharp, this could be a sign. At this stage, you might only have a few hits left before your device needs to be replaced.

Remember, knowing when to switch your disposable vape is crucial to ensure a pleasant and optimal vaping experience.