New Nicotine Salt Ranges for 2023
May 12, 2023

New Nicotine Salt Ranges for 2023

Introducing Bar Salts: The New Range of Nic Salt E-Liquids for Refillable Pod Kits

In the world of vaping, flavour and affordability are two factors that often come into play. Vapers crave the rich, intense flavours that disposable vapes offer, but they don't want to drain their wallets in the process. If you're one of those vapers, we've got some exciting news for you. Say hello to Bar Salts, a range of 10ml Nic salt e-liquids specially crafted for refillable pod kits. Bar Salts promises to deliver the same incredible flavours you love from disposable bars, all while keeping your budget in check.


What Makes Bar Salts Stand Out?

One of the standout features of Bar Salts is their high concentration of flavourings. This formulation allows vapers to savour the same delicious tastes they enjoy from disposable vapes but in a refillable mouth-to-lung pod kit. The result? A vaping experience that combines convenience and flavour like never before.

Disposable vapes might give you a quick and intense flavour burst, but they can be costly in the long run. Bar Salts, on the other hand, offer an economical alternative. Each 10ml bottle of Bar Salts retails at just £3-£4, making it an incredibly budget-friendly choice for vapers. Plus, with each bottle providing up to 3000 puffs, you're getting great value for your money.


Choose Your Strength

Vapers come in all varieties, and so do their preferences for nicotine strength. Bar Salts understands this, which is why they offer a range of lower nicotine strengths – 5mg and 10mg. Whether you're a social smoker looking for something milder or you're on a journey to reduce your nicotine intake, Bar Salts has you covered.


Explore the Flavour Spectrum with Vape Saloon

At Vape Saloon, we're proud to stock a wide selection of Bar Salts flavours. From the mouth-watering Blue Razz to the refreshingly cool Strawberry Ice, we have an array of options to tantalize your taste buds. Our goal is to provide vapers like you with the convenience and affordability of refillable pod kits without sacrificing the flavour you crave.



Bar Salts is changing the game for vapers who want more from their refillable pod kits. Say goodbye to the limitations of disposable vapes and hello to a world of flavour and savings. With Bar Salts, you can enjoy bold and exciting tastes without breaking the bank. So why wait? Make the switch to Bar Salts today and elevate your vaping experience.

Ready to explore the world of Bar Salts? Visit Vape Saloon and discover the best range of Nic salt e-liquids for your refillable pod kit. Your taste buds – and your wallet – will thank you.